Coming To Church

All of our church services are open for anyone to attend. Sometimes people are unsure what to expect so this page gives you an idea of what happens when you come to church.

The Sunday services usually start at 10.00 (exceptions being Book of Common Prayer services at Hingham at 08.00 and 11.00 services at Scoulton and Woodrising).

As you come into the church, you should be greeted by someone. We normally give people a hymn book, and a service sheet with the liturgy set out.

The hymn numbers are shown on a special board and in the order of service, the parts where everyone joins in are generally in bold.

A typical church service will include hymns, readings and prayers and an address or sermon from the person leading the service. If it is a communion service, the sharing of communion normally happens at the end of the service. Morning church services should take around an hour, and there are often refreshments afterwards.