St. Marys, Hackford

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The United Benefice of High Oak & Hingham with Scoulton & Woodrising

St Mary’s Church, Hackford.


Brief description of the Church


St Mary’s is a small stone and flint church situated in the village of Hackford in Norfolk. “Hakeforda” in the doomsday book suggests a “ford at the bend”. It was once called Hakeford juxta Windham to distinguish it from Hackford Nr Reepham.

The church remains much as the Victorian restorers left it and is in keeping with its rustic setting.

There is a tower with one bell made by Richard Brasyer of Norwich (c 1500)

The porch contains a 15th century stoup, like a small font, and in the Middle Ages worshippers entering the church dipped their fingers in the Holy Water it contained.


Brief history of the church

Though the main construction of the church would appear to be 15th century it is thought that the wall which contains the north doorway to the nave may be 11th century as it contains chunks of flint as often found in Anglo Saxon churches. The church was restored by the Victorians in the 1800s.

After being closed for 6 years as the chancel arch required repair, which was completed by Lushers of Norwich, the first service held was on Easter Sunday 2013

The original Lych Gate was given by the Rev M B Darby (circa 1870) and had to be replaced in 2013. An electric blower for the organ was also purchased, following a generous donation.

The East window and also the releading of the North window were completed in 2015.


Normal pattern of services


There are normally 9 services per annum, taking the form of either Morning Service or Holy Communion.

Further details can be found in the Parish Magazine, The Net, or on the web site.

When the church is open


The church is normally open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


How to get in when the church is locked


The keyholder for the church is Mrs Heather Ethridge, Church Warden, 01953 850831or you can contact the Rector, Rev Colin Reed on 01953 853154


Other sources of information about your church


There is a pamphlet about the Church and its history in the porch.